An Allegory…

On the greatest of days, the vast sea of consciousness decided to experience itself in ways before unimagined.  And so the tides rolled out creating the God Presence, the Elohim, the great Monads, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters who are your ancestors and the blessed essence of your own soul from which your humanity emerged.  As the eons passed, a great sleep descended and your Divine inheritance was forgotten.  Although your Divine Essence has been forgotten, my friend, it has survived.   Of this you were born and to this you are destined to return.  You see, you are God dreaming a dream.   Once remembered, you will be God Awakened.

We've all noticed the great polarities which are prevalent today.  Be true to yourself.  Don't let the polarities sway you.  You are a Divine Being and have the right to create to world you live in.  You limit your power to do this whenever you buy into the extremes of the polarities.  Stay centered and watch what happens in your world despite what is happening in the world at large.

We are in a time when we have a great opportunity to collectively lift ourselves in consciousness as the veil thins and we begin to remember who we are.  It is a time to create community and who better to teach us to do this than the ancient Lemurians?  I offer opportunities to learn more about them and, perhaps, to remember your own roots.

Namaste', Pamela


Ancient Lemurian Whispers

A Teaching Tale That Marries Ancient Lemurian Energies to Modern Metaphysics

by Pamela Arwine

          Follow the journey of AhChaLa from the destruction of Lemuria to ancient Tibet, modern America and finally to a hopeful new future.

          Guided by a teacher named Tenzin, she learns to heal, to evolve and to assist in the healing and evolution of others. In this inspiring story of hope, you will learn along with AhChaLa and emerge from the book wiser for having known Tenzin.

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Lemurian Light Healing
Vol. I: 8 Audio CD’s

Discover the ancient energy that is the wave of the future. This set consists of 8 beautifully packaged CDs that invite you to dive deeply into your roots as a spiritual being, possibly one of the original Lemurians.

Learn the essential elements of Lemurian Light Healing. In both volumes I and II, deep meditations will help you absorb the energies, from the first wave for working with bones and muscles, through the emotional/mental/causal waves, to, at long last, the seventh wave of bliss and enlightenment. Discover a practical, mystical system to address healing on all levels and provide profound spiritual growth.

Take it deep as you enjoy all the meditations and healing processes you would experience if you were enrolled in a Lemurian Light Healing Workshop.

Lemurian Light Healing
Vol. II: 8 Audio CD’s

Welcome to the second volume of Lemurian Light Healing, eight beautifully packaged CDs. As you continue the exploration of your Lemurian roots, you will participate in deep foundational healings of the mental, causal and emotional bodies.

Work done, you will be invited to dive deeply into the energies of enlightenment and bliss. This effective combo of clearing, healing and soaring, affords you an opportunity to attain both liberation from the karmic wheel and enlightenment.

Unless you are already an experienced spiritual journeyer and/or healer, I suggest you will reap the most benefit by doing these CDs in order so no essential elements are missed.


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Children's Book



Willy's a gutsy little fly who just never gives up.  On his quest to learn to fly, he takes the reader on a series of silly misadventures until he discovers the truth.  The answer lies within. 

Written by Pamela Arwine

Illustrated by Gail Balga

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Symptoms of Awakening

As you move more and more deeply into your inner being,

               your body, your life, your emotions, your soul, all seem to be changing rapidly and dramatically.  Every day something new bubbles up.  (Pain in the shoulders neck and back ~ deep inner sadness or heightened emotionality ~ itchy skin irritations, etc.) How do you know if what you are feeling needs to be addressed or is simply a sign of awakening?


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Calling Back Your Power

...Think of your life as a grand treasure hunt.  The reward is the discovery of the truth of your being.  Imagine, if you will, the most exquisite diamond, huge, clear, radiantly bright.  This diamond rests in a forest clearing and all who come into its radiance feel blessed.  Now imagine the path leading to the clearing is thick and tangled with old dead brush and debris.  You need do nothing to restore the original brilliance of the diamond.  It is untouched by time.  Your job is to clear the path to the diamond so you too can stand within its radiance...

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