Aware Manifestation

by Pamela Arwine


Discover the wondrous changes within and without as you reveal the depth of your capacity to create within the limitless  sea  of  potential.  Miraculous manifestation is not magic.   It  is  simply unimpeded Divine Order.  The Universe is endless enormous energy, limitless power, God.  It is an ethereal power, a wavelength of great creative potential.  This is available to you if you seek it.  Various techniques may help you to focus your intention, attuning your frequencies to specific aspects  of   this  universal  energy.


There is one unified field of energy.  There is no matter as such.  There is but one intelligent mind which is the matrix of all matter, often referred to as  the  field  of  unlimited   potential.  We are all plugged into this energetic matrix and we communicate with it through the language of thought, feeling and emotion.  This fuel is then mirrored back to us as seeming matter.


A powerful key to manifestation is congruence between our thoughts, emotions and feelings.  Although your      essential nature is loving power, perhaps you have been listening to the voice of the egoic mind, your own and others.  It would have you believe you are separate from the One.  This falsehood then becomes the driver behind your thoughts, feelings,       reactions to life.


Quantum Physics has proven our connection, although the scientific name for this connection is entanglement.  It shows us that we exist on eleven dimensions, four of which are manifest in the third dimensional realm.  These are time, width, depth and height.  The other seven dimensions of our existence are unmanifest and most of us are largely   unaware of them.  The     manifest dimensions are in a state of separation.  The     unmanifest dimensions are completely, forever and irrevocably connected, or entangled.  Whatever our focus, this is broadcast to all of creation and all of creation will conspire to comply with what that focus is.  However, that is often not what we really want. 


Oftentimes, we pour our hearts and intentions into a new creation and simultaneously our fears and non-productive core beliefs are canceling out the message.  I was working with a client a few weeks ago and noticed an  interesting dynamic.  This woman is powerfully spiritual, highly educated and has a very strong mind.  Her desire was to attract a loving         relationship into her life.  As she thought about this desire, vibrational patterns were going out from her throat chakra and from her third eye chakra which held a strong intention to attract love and companionship.  This was accompanied with the intention that she was strong and capable and did not  wish  to  attract   someone who wanted to take care of her.  As this strong intention was set loose, I noticed a completely different intention coming from her sacral chakra.  Typically, the sacral chakra is the home of  the inner child.  The child part of this woman was clearly sending the intention for someone to take care of her…just like Daddy did.  These two strong intentions literally cancelled each other out.         They dissolved each other before they were even released.  Together we cleared the conflicting messages.     She consciously chose a new intention to attract an inter-dependent relationship within which both could rely upon the other with neither          co-dependency nor aloofness.  Within two weeks, she met a wonderful man with whom she’s currently enjoying the beginnings of a mutually satisfying relationship.


Even more common is diluting our focus with worry or negative emotions.  It is then this worry that goes out into the world.  Do you doubt you will receive your desires?  Then doubt is the prevailing focus and will be answered in kind.  Do you worry about ever having what you want?  Then worry is the prevailing focus and you will be given more to worry about.  Do you feel sorry for yourself for not having what you want?  Then this self pity will be fueled.


Thought is channeled into the world through the upper three chakras; this gives the thought direction, but very little power.  The power lies in the emotion which is channeled through the lower three chakras.  Thought plus emotion creates the feeling in the heart which combines the direction with the power.  The more we can bring our thoughts and feelings into congruence, the more we can expand our heart and our  capacity to love, thus the more powerfully we can     create in physicality.  In     essence. thought plus     emotion creates the feeling which then creates the      impact.

God is Universal Mind, conscious intelligence, pure undifferentiated energy.  The nature of this conscious intelligence is love.  In the subjective realm, all is energetic  potential, or, unformed     matter, impersonal subconscious, receptive, the holder of all memories including mass consciousness.  It awaits our direction and    creates for us what we think.  It reacts mechanistically to our direction when we       impress our thought, emotion and feeling upon it.     It is utterly and completely      neutral.  It has no desire of its own and is ours to control. 

 Nothing is real until we make it real.  Take for example, the majestic pine tree.  At the core and beginning of this tree is pure life force,         unformed, undifferentiated energy.  The collective mind agreement of humanity is that this life force be shaped to create the form of the majestic pine.  The pine tree       becomes manifest.  It is, by nature, an illusion in that this pine tree form is temporary, doesn’t really exist, and once we stop holding this form in our collective mind, it will cease to be.  The life force of which it is composed, however, is real, pure essence, and can never be destroyed.  It is an essential drop in the sea of the unified field of energy.  While the     illusion ultimately becomes a puddle of dust, this life force is eminently important; the act and process of creation is eminently important; the love which permeates its very essence, our very essence, is eminently important.  It is the unifying  element.   By pouring our love into our creations, our ability to manifest in the physical realm increases exponentially.


In the third dimension there is duality, darkness and light.  In the higher dimensions, all forces unify, eliminating the need for polarities.  At this level the feeling of love is the unifying principle of the forces of nature. In the heart, there is no polarity.  If we come from love, if we come from the heart, and “feel” as if what we desire is already manifest, there is no resistance, no opposite  We are working from the realm where it all comes together. If we     consistently maintain a sense of gratitude and heartfelt love, our creation is sure to become physical.  It is the nature of the Universe to give us everything we ask for.  It does not judge if this is good or bad.  It simply follows our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It always says “YES!”  If we put our attention on attracting abundance, the Universe says “YES!  I will give you abundance.”  If we put our   attention on the fear of lack, the Universe says “YES!  I will give you lack.” How will our intentions manifest?  That is not up to us to decide.  Our job is to decide what we want and act as if, feel as if, vibrate as if it is already manifest.  How can it happen?  That is God’s job to decide.  Our job is to keep our attention on our intention, open our hearts, minds, our very cells, to receive.  If we say “YES!”, if we develop our capacity to accept graciously our desires will manifest.  If we can joyfully and gratefully accept abundance beyond our wildest dreams, abundance is what will come.  If we can joyfully and gratefully accept abundance in all forms, abundance is what comes. 

Listen to that still small voice and take every physical and spiritual step you are guided to take.  Let go of the results; remain in agreement with gracious acceptance of your desires.  Then, watch in grateful wonder as your life transforms.


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