By Pamela Arwine

Have you noticed that sometimes an issue, particularly a stubborn life theme issue, has a tendency to reappear just when you thought it had been cleared for good?  There are several dynamics at play here.  The obvious answer lies in taking a good look at the progress you’ve made and being very gentle and patient with yourself.  Remember, you are taking a very proactive position and you are clearing in a matter of years what may have taken lifetimes to clear without the conscious work you are putting into it.  And, the ego, in a misguided attempt to protect itself from annihilation, will almost always rear up in protest just when you are about to take a leap in consciousness.  This is commonly referred to as the “dark night of the soul”, “spiritual madness” or “kundalini syndrome”.  Look at it this way:  Before the leap in consciousness, or clarity, the cells of the body are kicking off much debris and accumulated energetic patterns.  You feel it as it is being released.  There are some very specific physical signposts as you move into higher awareness which may help you in identifying what is happening.  As the third eye opens, there is increased frontal lobe and temporal lobe activity which causes some reactions in the body.  Five physical signs of this activity are sinus problems, pain at a small triangular point at the base of the sacrum, left calf pain or cramping, upper head headaches and ear ringing.  These are usually short-lived as the body eventually catches up with the new vibrations.

Also, sometimes we have a tendency to recreate a pattern due to habituated modes of thought and programming.  That is the angle which we are going to look at in more detail.  Handled properly, it will greatly mitigate the above reactions.

The body holds a pattern which continually recreates itself until something, like the higher consciousness clearing work coupled with a new decision, interrupts the pattern.  For example, you might use God Force Energy and the light of your own soul to clear the patterns/energy from the body, the cells, the chakras, the energy bodies, etc.  Once cleared, it is filled with golden light and grounded.  This can be extremely effective; you can watch the burdensome energy leaving the field.

Structures, Functions and Systems of the Brain

Frontal Lobe:  This is the area which is responsible for thought, emotion, speech and skilled movements.  This is a problem-solver.

Temporal Lobe:  This area recognizes sights and sounds and helps with memory storage.

Cerebellum:  The cerebellum coordinates muscular movement and balance.

Parietal Lobe:  The parietal lobe perceives sensations such as touch, pain and temperature.  It understands speech and language

and expresses thoughts.

Occipital Lobe:  It detects and interprets visual images.

Thalamus:  It relays incoming information to the cerebral cortex.

Brain Stem:  It relays incoming information to the cerebral cortex.

Limbic System:  It holds ancient memory, recalling it in pictures and symbols, not language.

Reticular Activating System:  This is the part of your brain which brings into conscious awareness that which will fulfill

your expectations…that, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, which will be created.

Amygdale:  Recent research indicates that the amygdale may stimulate and awaken the frontal lobe of the brain.  This in turn will assist in stimulating and awakening the third eye chakra.

In looking at the brain, you see that same program is embedded in the structures, memories and neural pathways.  If the brain were a computer, it would be the hardware. It is the control center of the body with more than 100 billion neurons sorting and sifting incoming information and using it to guide the body through an infinite variety of different movements and messages.  Of its own accord it does not think or reason; all it knows is what’s been programmed.  And, in a properly functioning brain, it will continue to send out the same message until it’s told otherwise.  Therefore, sometimes the pattern is recreated in the body pretty quickly; you can watch the brain light up, recreating the pattern and sending it back into the body via the neurological pathways, the central nervous system and the energetic pathways. None of this patterning in the brain or in the mind is real.  They are simply pictures, or memory traces.  They are merely signals being sent to our senses. However, it still has a pretty powerful effect on the physical which doesn’t recognize its illusory nature.

The mind is like the computer software.  It does the programming for the brain.  Typically, the mind gets stuck in mental loops, habitually recreating old programs.  Deepak Chopra teaches that one thinks tens of thousands of thoughts every day.  Before we become too impressed with our intellectual capacity, consider this.  Approximately 96% of the thoughts we think are the same thoughts we thought the day before and the day before that and the day before that. 

Some of the thoughts may not even be ours.  Some may be the result of unconsciously connecting with the collective unconscious, past life programming or even genetic programming born of our ancestors who may have been quite a bit less evolved than we like to think we are today.   So, the mind must also be cleared or it may reprogram the brain which will then recreate the patterns in the body.  It sounds a little convoluted, but we’re dealing with a pretty complex animal here. 

Our thoughts create our core beliefs which create our emotions which energetically create thought forms or elementals which then create energetic patterns.  At some point in our spiritual evolution, we must step up and discipline our thoughts.  We must interrupt the process of negative thinking and affirm the positive.  This is not done in the spirit of suppression, but in the spirit of choice and in the spirit of awareness. 

Of Particular Importance…

The limbic brain (sometimes called the reptilian brain) is that ancient part of the brain that is located in the middle of the head, a couple of inches behind the nose.  It                                                                                                houses ancient memory, recalling it in pictures and symbols, not language.  The limbic system is composed of the hypothalamus, thalamus, hippocampus, amygdale, corpus callosum, pituitary gland and pineal gland, the seat of our consciousness.  The pineal gland is what the Hindus call the Cave of Brahman.  It is the Master Gland of the Christ or Buddha Consciousness.  It receives its light from the crown chakra and is pivotal in the awakening of the third eye.

The limbic brain operates out of a survival mode, continually reacting in fear.  It lives in pure darkness.  For example, in ancient times when humankind had to protect itself against wild and wooly beasts during the daily quest for survival, the limbic brain projected the self-preservation mechanisms.  It began the chain of reaction to create fear when the razor-fanged beast was scratching at the door of the cave.  The limbic system believes the beast is still at the door.  It believes the ancient darkness is alive today.  It is helpful in your healing process to continually bring the Light of

Truth into the limbic brain.  It only takes a few seconds; turn on the light in the limbic several times a day.Hold the intention to eradicate the darkness and bring the memories and reactions of the limbic brain into present time. The hippocampus is particularly important to clear as it plays a crucial role in storing our emotions.  Imagine the impact of clearing and enlightening that part of us which stores our emotions.  That may have a huge impact on our lives. Another structure of the brain which is extremely impactful in the quest to usher in more love, peacefulness and harmony is the reticular activating system which runs through the center of the brain.  This is a function of the brain which brings into conscious awareness that which will fulfill our expectations…that, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, which will be created.  With conscious intent, invite and allow the reticular activating system to turn on and lighten up.  Ask it to re-calibrate, align and harmonize itself with the deep expectation of God’s great care and love, showing itself in every aspect of our life and our being.  Invite and allow the reticular activating system to bring into awareness all experiences which support the deep love of God giving us everything we desire.  Keep lighting it up several times a day, as this Light of Truth dissolves anything and everything which would be incongruent with this love, light and fulfillment.

Bringing the light into the hypothalamus may assist in regulating some automatic systems of the body.  The hypothalamus regulates many body processes such as thirst, hunger and appetite.  This is where much is determined regarding the state of our health.  Invite and allow the GFE to dissolve anything and everything which would be incongruent with the physical manifestation of a state of radiant health.

The mid brain (top of the brain stem) holds imprints and perceptions born throughout this and other lifetimes.  It is the cause of many of our patterns and behaviors.

The amygdale is two almond-shaped structures about three quarters of an inch inside each temple.  As we hold the intention to move forward, the amygdale may stimulate and awaken the frontal lobe of the brain.  This in turn will assist in stimulating and awakening the third eye chakra, giving rise to new perception.  This may be extremely useful in expanding awareness, shifting the mind and the tone of your thoughts.


As we move more and more deeply into our inner being, our bodies, our lives, our emotions, our souls, all may seem to be changing rapidly and dramatically.  Every day, something new bubbles up.  How do we know if what we are feeling is something that needs to be addressed or simply the effects of awakening?

There are certain signposts or symptoms of awakening which may arise.  It is likely that we will experience some, but not all, of these signposts.  Some experience temporary pain in the shoulders, neck and back as a result of the deep genetic changes.  As the past is released, it may be felt as it rises to the surface on the way out.  This may be felt as a deep inner sadness or heightened emotionality for no apparent reason.  Let the tears flow with no judgment.  It is what it is.  Feelings of loneliness may be intense because so much is being left behind.  Allow it to flow with no judgment.  It is what it is.  This will soon be replaced by a love and light so sweet and radiant, we could never even have imagined the beauty of it.  This loneliness may also be accompanied by home-sickness,  a deep desire to return home.  Feel this with no judgment.  It is what it is.  We have already been experiencing moments of reuniting with our homes of the past.  This is only a temporary dwelling place for our temporary physical bodies.  As we get closer to the realization of who we really are, all else pales in comparison.  In fact, we may lose interest in the things of life which previously occupied us as we sense their lack of substance and reality.  As this symptom emerges, it is important we try to stay in touch with our sense of compassion.  Allow the temporary lack of passion with no judgment.  It is what it is.  This will eventually be replaced by an incredible joy of meaning as we realize that the energy behind these illusions is an incomparable essence which must be nurtured and loved…but for its essence, not for the senseless form it sometimes takes.

Our bodies may begin to change as our DNA is recoded and brought into closer alignment with the beings we are evolving into…or, perhaps more accurately, allowing and remembering.  Temporary symptoms such as itchy skin irritations may arise.  Let it go with no judgment.  It is what it is.  There may be a sense of physical disorientation as our bodies seem to float between the old and the new.  Try to stay grounded.  Good, solid grounding will ease this transition.  Allow yourself to feel disoriented for a short while.  It is what it is.

Sleep patterns may shift.  Much work is occurring, much of it in the early hours of the morning.  Paradoxically, this may cause us to wake up for a rest now and then throughout the night, most commonly between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 a.m.  Remember our definitions of awake and asleep are somewhat askew.  While asleep (using the popular definition of the word), however, dreams may be extremely lucid and intense.  Old memories are surfacing and smashing into the subconscious mind, challenging it to let go and grow.  Do let go with no judgment.  It is what it is.

As we move into the new energetic, many of us who are in the process of awakening will talk to ourselves.  We are not going crazy.  So much internal communication is going on that it is bound to heighten internal conversations…a type of sorting process.  Allow this with no judgment.  It is what it is.  Thus, the third eye is opened, that chakra in the center of the head which assists in perceiving those things of Spirit which were previously elusive.  This too may come with temporary side effects.  Ears may ring.  There could be sinus problems or headaches in the upper part of the head.  There may be cramping or pain in the left calf of the leg or at that small triangular spot at the base of the sacrum.  All of this is relatively minor and will soon pass away.  Allow this to process out with no judgment.  It is what it is.

Many things are changing.  As old karmic patterns are transmuted, there is often a withdrawal from old family relationships and a re-alignment with new relationships which serve us better in the role we are currently embracing.  If there is a lag time between the old and the new, take heart.  This will pass.  The inevitability of the dark void is highly over-rated.  Simply continue to affirm the joy and this is what you are sure to manifest.  The joy of the new will be worth the wait.

Jobs, career and life purpose often shift as well.  Choices in the past have been based on material gain, recognition and service of the egoic mind.  Let those choices go with no judgment.  It is what it is.  Shift into the service of love, God and humankind.  Once again, if there appears to be a void as the old transitions into the new, hold to your truth as a creator.  Be patient.  What is now being chosen to be manifested will come.  Your new purpose will ride in on shining rays of Light illuminating the path before you.  Have faith is your true nature as a creator.


We will reconnect with our truest essence.  We will experience the blissful wonder of merging with our Souls.  As we aspire to life our vibrations to the fifth dimensional awareness of the Ascended Masters, remember this.  Since, in truth, there is no such thing as time or space, there is an aspect of us that has already arrived.  We are already an Ascended Master, one with our Higher Selves, God Presences, all the Masters, Angels and Archangels of the Universe, one with God.  As each crystal drop of water is essential to the nature of the ocean, we are each essential to God and all of humanity as we surrender to the glory which is within.  Every moment we are caressed by the Beloved.  God, the Beloved, is merging into us on blissful waves of love and ecstasy until we can barely stand the pleasure.

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