5 Beautiful Journeys Introduce the Energy of Enlightenment

3 CD Set by Pamela Arwine~$44

Demystify Deeksha!

Travel Into the Heart of God!

Receive Enlightenment Energy!!

Move Into Stillness!

Move Into Bliss!

CD1: Brain Illumination    

Deeksha is explained and de-mystified prior to being introduced to divine activations. As you journey into the reality of who you really are, light from the heart of God is poured in to awaken your upper chakras, moving you into deep states of bliss & awareness.

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CD2: Divine Body Activations features two activations on one CD. In the first, Kwan Yin leads you through an interactive experience which activates your divinity. The God Force Attunement brings you deeply into your sacred heart, activating the blissful God Force essence.

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CD3: God Awakened offers two deep stillness/Oneness meditations. In The Depths of Stillness, you are invited to sink deeply into stillness. In God Awakened you are assisted by great  Enlightened Beings and Celestials to open your heart and help you to remember who you are. Thus, you will remember the divinity of all sentient beings.

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Quantum Healing Energetics


Connecting With

All That Is


2 Guided Journeys by Pamela Arwine Assist You to Assimilate Higher Skills and Qualities~$17.95

Connecting with All That Is: Utilize the advanced Tibetan Buddhist technique of overlighting to connect with high spiritual beings. ‘Download’ the skills and qualities which they embody. (36 min) Expanding Into Your Soul (33 min) teaches you unification consciousness as you merge and integrate with your multi-dimensional soul.


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Brain Illumination

 & Shaktipat



2 Guided Journeys by Pamela Arwine Illuminate the Brain, Bringing you Shaktipat (Deeksha) & Channeled Source Guidance

During Brain Illumination, you will breathe Light into the structures of the brain, lighting them up, creating powerful circles of pranic energy within you. You will then experience Deeksha (energy transfer from a Master) from glorious Ascended Masters and direct from the heart of God. In Channeling Divine Source you will eliminate all “middlemen” and go direct to Source for clear illumination and guidance.


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What Are

 People Saying?

"Once the energy calmed down, I saw blues and purples swirling and I felt it warming and filling every part of my body. I felt overwhelming peace and happiness...It was working very quickly, transforming and growing. I felt like I was glowing, a big beacon of light once I opened

my eyes."

Linda D, Il



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Sound Bytes

Click on the titles, listen and sink into the deliciously rich energy of the Presence.


"Every once in a while a teacher appears who is able to guide you to experience your deep spiritual self.  Pam Arwine is such a rare teacher. I found her gentle caring voice guiding me through beautiful meditations into the most peaceful, loving, transformational states. Her inspirational guidance soothingly invtied me to explore deep inner places of knowing & wisdom and embrace the profoundly sacred.”

Dr. Jonathan Parker, Ojai, CA


"Pam's love and light shine brightly as she raises awareness of the amazing energies available to us to heal others, our world, and ourselves."

Emily Huebner, RN, BSM, IL


"...I experienced many different colors and frequencies.  It was truly a keleidoscope of one color into another...I have studied with many teachers.  You bring forth special frequencies that affect me at very high levels.  The God Force frequency is also amazing.  You are connected to Source."

Dr. Eva C, IL


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