Lemurian Light Healing

Vol. I & II

Two 8 Audio CD Sets

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Learn the essential elements of Lemurian Light Healing as you are guided on explorations of this

pre-Atlantean civilization. 

Enrich your life with the myriad discussions to introduce practical modern metaphysical techniques combined with Lemurian philosophy. 

Take it deep as you enjoy all the meditations and healing processes

you would experience if you were enrolled in the Lemurian Light

Healing Workshop.





Volume One

CDs 1-8





Volume Two

CDs 9-16



Discover the ancient energy that is the wave of the future.

Lemurian Light Healing, Vol I, consists of 8 beautifully packaged CDs that invite you to dive deeply into your roots as a spiritual being, possibly one of the original Lemurians.

Learn the essential elements of Lemurian Light Healing.  In both volumes I and II, deep meditations will help you absorb the energies, from the first wave for working with bones and muscles, through the emotional/ mental/causal waves, to,

at long last, the seventh wave of bliss and enlightenment. 

Discover a practical, mystical system to address healing on all levels and provide profound spiritual growth. Meet four groups of Lemurian Masters who show up to escort you through the depths of your own heart and soul.

Take it deep as you enjoy all the meditations and healing processes you would experience if you were enrolled in the Lemurian Light Healing Workshop.



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Welcome to the second   volume of Lemurian Light Healing consisting of eight beautifully packaged CDs.  


As you continue exploring your Lemurian roots, you will participate in deep foundational healings of the mental, emotional and causal bodies.  


Work done, you will be invited to dive deeply into the energies of enlightenment and bliss.


This effective combo of clearing, healing and soaring, affords you an opportunity to attain both liberation from the karmic wheel and enlightenment.  


Deep guided journeys and meditations will assist you in accessing your deepest inner being as you dive the depths of who you really are.


Unless you are already an experienced spiritual journeyer and/or healer, I suggest you will reap the most benefit by doing these CDs in order so no essential elements are missed.

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*If you are not already an experienced healer or journeyer, I recommend doing these CDs in the order presented so as not to miss any essential elements.

CD1:  Whispers of Lemuria

CD1 features the basic history of how Lemurian Light Healing came to be.  You will also hear short discussions of foundational healing energetics and understanding the quantum leap.  The highlight is a deep meditation called "Whispers of Lemuria", a journey to misty, magical Lemuria during which you will be introduced to the Lemurian Light Masters and Master Physicians as well as the first wave of Lemurian energy. Learning the foundations should feel effortless as you sit back, relax and are guided.  

CD2:  Heart of the Ancients 

The beauty and power of love is profound.  Along with foundational energetics, you bring in the essential element of love to all parts of the body.  This meditation brings the first and second waves of Lemurian Light into all systems, organs, muscles and aspects of the body.  Express deep gratitude for this miraculous manifesta-tion of the Divine, your own body.

CD3:  Muscular/Skeletal System

This CD offers both a discussion and meditation during which you will learn to utilize the first wave of Lemurian Light to heal and strengthen the muscular and skeletal systems, and to build the Antah-karana and Merkaba which have been used by most spiritual systems for centuries to accelerate your vibratory rate.  This blending is a powerful approach to self-healing.                                CD4:  Light Up Your Systems

Open your chakras, bring in your Soul's essence, go deeply within. Turn on, light up and reset the brain, the endocrine, digestive, respiratory, nervous, urinary and reproductive systems through bringing in the amazingly healing second wave of Lemurian Light.  Working with Lemurian Light Masters and Master Physicians will bring you a sense of support and love to enhance your process.

CD5:  Healer Heal Thyself

Utilizing the first and second waves of Lemurian Light Healing, assisted by the Lemurian Light Masters and Master Physicians, you are led through a complete and thorough self-healing.  Adopt the roles of both the healer and the healee for deep healing and a profound learning-from-wthin experience of the healing process from start to finish.  Incidentally, also incorporated are the beginning steps of astral travel. 

CD6:  Emotional Body Clearing

As we move into the third wave of Lemurian Light, you are introduced to a group of Masters who call themselves the Lemurian Spiritual Counselors.  You will be invited to relax and fully open yourself to a deep healing of your emotional body, dissolving and releasing the messages and imprints received throughout the ages which have kept you from experiencing only the highest and best life has to offer.  This is a working meditation in which you will consciously participate in your own healing process. 

CD7:  Ancient Whispers

The ancient Lemurians were among the greatest healers ever known on this planet.  Powerful wielders of light, they recognized that all physical healing must also be addressed on a mental, emotional and spiritual level as well.  The 3rd, 4th and 5th waves of Lemurian energies, guided by the Lemurian Light Masters and Spiritual Counselors, are designed to do just that.  And specifically, the third wave of Lemurian energy, which this CD addresses, works on the clarification, healing, aligning and repatterning of the seven major chakras and the etheric body.

CD8:  Connecting With My Soul

This CD features two deep meditations, both aspects of connecting more deeply with your Soul.  Feel how much easier this becomes with the aid of the Lemurian Spiritual Counselors and the Lemurian Light.  One meditation is a deep all-around connection.  The other focuses on connecting with an aspect of yourself which has already developed a skill you now desire to regain.

CD9:  Lemurian Whispers

No healing can be complete without mental and emotional healing.  Unless the thoughts and emotions are resolved, the same condition/s will reappear again. In Lemurian Whispers you are introduced to the fourth wave of Lemurian Light and are guided by the Lemurian Light Masters and Spiritual Counselors.  This CD takes you through a healing of the emotional, mental and psychological bodies. 

CD10:  Mental Body Clearing

This process is a deep healing of your mental body through calling upon and activating the essence of Lemurian Light Healing Wave Four and the God Force.  At the end of this meditation, instead of calling your attention back to the physical, there will be an invitation to slip into the silence from which you will emerge naturally in your own time. 

CD11:  Ancient Light Emerging

The fifth wave of Lemurian Light extends the clearing and healing to the causal and spiritual bodies.  The causal body is the fourth layer and contains the thoughts of the higher mind and karma, memory traces and karmic imprints.  Core beliefs are also prevalent here.  The first two spiritual bodies are often referred to as the Buddhic and Atmic bodies.  Their clarity is so important as they serve to connect us with the higher enlightened aspects of our Oversoul.  They provide essential insight, information, inspiration and guidance.  Within these parameters, as you begin working with the fifth wave of Lemurian energy, you are truly beginning to work with your essential self. 

CD12:  Causal Body Clearing

This meditation will take you through the passages of time to clear your causal body, karmic patterns and multiple influences that may have been generated by yourself or others eons ago.   

CD13:  Lemurian Lights

Return to ancient wisdom.  Remember the reality of who you are.  Travel with me to ancient Lemuria and absorb the energy and wisdom of that wise and enlightened culture.  Open your third eye and crown chakras and reconnect with the highest aspects of your own being.  Rest in bliss as you remember who you are as you reunite with All That Is.

CD14:  Meditating the One

Two meditations/one CD.  "Meditating the One" takes you through three processes which, when mastered, may enhance the depth of your journeys.  "Journey to the One" is a profoundly relaxing and purifying process in which you will be brought to a place of lightness, perfect peace, pure consciousness, no thought.  You will be brought deeply into the energy of All That Is where you will float, suspended in a blissful state of Oneness. 

CD15:  Brain Illumination

Learn  about and then experience brain illumination, a process which helps you to bridge into the reality of who you really are.  You are not a human being searching for the Divine.  You are a Divine Being animating the physical body.  It is time for you to return to this awareness.  This will be assisted by pouring the sixth and seventh waves of Lemurian Light through you to open and awaken your 6th and 7th chakras, moving you into deeper states of bliss and awareness.  

CD16:  Lemurian Connections

Two meditations/one CD.  You will be taken deeply into the stillness and left to emerge in your own time. I will simply fade out at the end of this meditation rather than calling you back to conscious awareness.  The metaphor I will be using to focus your mind on stillness has to do with sinking into the sea.  As you explore its fathomless depths, you will intuitively begin to explore your own fathomless depths, the place where all paths, all time and space converge into One.    




"For anyone who has longed to feel the depths of their spiritual core, Ancient Lemurian Whispers resonates with enlightening chords of truth.  Pam Arwine unfolds the ancient story of origins as only one could who has lived it, and through her vivid detail we feel as though we are reliving it as well.  As the narrative unfolds we naturally become one with the story, much like a remembrance of something longed for.  Where and how did we lose that memory?  We can rediscover it all through Ancient Lemurian Whispers and its teachings that take us there." 

Jonathan Parker, Author, The Soul Solution      www.JonathanParker.org

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