Ancient Lemurian Whispers

A Teaching Tale That Marries Ancient Lemurian Energies to Modern Metaphysics

by Pamela Arwine

          Follow the journey of AhChaLa from the destruction of Lemuria to ancient Tibet, modern America and finally to a hopeful new future.

          Guided by a teacher named Tenzin, she learns to heal, to evolve and to assist in the healing and evolution of others. In this inspiring story of hope, you will learn along with AhChaLa and emerge from the book wiser for having known Tenzin.

"I wrote this book from a space of love and possibilities.  I invite you to look at your humanity with open eyes and a gentle heart."




“For anyone who has longed to feel the depths of their spiritual core, Ancient Lemurian Whispers resonates with enlightening chords of truth.  Pam Arwine unfolds the ancient story of origins as only one could who has lived it, and through her vivid detail we feel as though we are reliving it as well.  As the narrative unfolds, we naturally become one with the story, much like a remembrance of something longed for.  Where and how did we lose that memory?  We can rediscover it all through Ancient Lemurian Whispers and its teachings that take us there.” 

Dr. Jonathan Parker,

Author of The Soul Solution. 


Preview the Prologue: 

An Allegory…

On the greatest of days, the vast sea of consciousness decided to experience itself in ways before unimagined.  And so the tides rolled out creating the God Presence, the Elohim, the great Monads, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters who are your ancestors and the blessed essence of your own soul from which your humanity emerged.  As the eons passed, a great sleep descended and your Divine inheritance was forgotten.  Although your Divine Essence has been forgotten, my friend, it has survived.   Of this you were born and to this you are destined to return.  You see, you are God dreaming a dream.   Once remembered, you will be God Awakened.



         I dreamed I was God creating an epic movie.  From the great sea of consciousness a cone of light appeared as if from a cosmic movie projector, the type that was prevalent on earth in the mid-twentieth century.  A body, a dream form, manifested within this cone of light, this projection.  And that projected body then spun out another cone of light within which a third body appeared, and on and on until many projections in the form of bodies appeared, all varying manifestations of the same being.  As this great drama of life unfolded, every once in a while I would hear the word:  “Or…”  Here, one projection would become more creative and spin out two or more projections running parallel to each other.  Each would be a unique manifestation.  Instead of just one line of projection cones, the once linear track would take off in multiple directions.   I noticed that the first projection was created directly of the God Essence in the beginning.  However, the second was created of the first, the third was created of the second, and on and on.  Each a direct ancestor of the One God, but each feeling just a little bit farther away from the Creator. 

          I had a guide for my journey, a wise and wonderful soul with much experience who manifested for me in the forms of dream guides, teachers and companions on the path.  I shall call this guide Tenzin*. 

          “Tenzin,” I asked, “How can I find my way home when with each manifestation, with each phase of my evolution, I grow a little bit farther away?  With each projection, I forget that my body is but a dream of the One God and I seem to disconnect more and more from my soul’s essence.”

          He replied.  “This is an illusion, to be sure.  You are not farther away.  It’s a case of mistaken identity.  Remember who you really are.  You are the One.  You are the Consciousness who is creating the projection.  You are the totality of the One.  You are the field of unlimited potential upon which the projection appears. What you are not, dear Ah Cha La**, is the projection.

          “Think that through carefully.  Know, too, that although you are not the projection, within each projection lies the cell of the Divine, a holographic cell that, once accessed, replicates All That Is, remembers All That Is, becomes All That Is.  Just let this be a little seed which takes root within your awareness until you once again remember how to surf the waves of the enlightened mind.  Allow yourself to bask in the sun of the illumined brain and bathe in the warm waters of the open heart.  Navigate the path of the modern mystic as you surrender to the song of the spheres.  This is the heritage to which you will return in time.”



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