Alternative or Allopathic?

Choosing the Right Healing Modality
by Pamela Arwine

As the forward march of time unfolds, energy healing is emerging into the mainstream as a viable force for maintaining strong, good health.  Questions arise.  Which are the favored forms of energy healing?    


There’s   Quantum Healing Energetics, Sound of Light Healing, Lemurian Light Healing, Metaphysical Energetic Clearing, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, Rubenfeld Synergy, Thought Field Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Pranic Healing, Homeopathy, Herbology, and the list goes on and on.   And which system is more useful for you, allopathic medicine or an alternative healing method? As with most things in life, the answer for me is “BOTH!”  The answer depends  upon what level you are working in the moment.  Making the right choice lies in the awareness of what each has to offer. 

Newtonian Physics, also called mechanical science, was formulated on the premise that there were  primarily two substances, energy and matter.  Allopathic medicine is based on biology and chemistry which are based in Newtonian Physics.  Under the old belief that there are two substances, energy and matter, the physical body being matter, the mindset was created that you affect matter with matter or, you treat the physical body with drugs, chemicals, surgery.

In the early 1900’s, however, an amazing discovery was made by Dr. Albert Einstein.  There is only one substance, he proposed, energy.  There is no such thing as matter.  Everything, including the human body, is energy, frequency, vibration.  This was the birth of Quantum Physics.  Most alternative therapeutic modalities are based in Quantum Physics.  Therefore, they affect energy with energy, frequency with frequency, vibration with vibration.  The basic difference between the foundations of allopathic medicine and alternative healing is the branch of physics they espouse.

The body has been referred to by Dr. Deepok Chopra as an unlimited field of potential which is directed by your consciousness.  It appears to be composed only of physical elements such as muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, organs, glands, etc.  In actuality it is primarily made up of empty space and millions and billions of atoms which are in continual motion…perpetually dancing with, interacting with and trading information with the moving atoms of other people.  There is an aspect of yourself that is invisible and yet is very real.  This is an energy field that surrounds your body that also interacts with the energy fields surrounding other people.  This energy field combined with your consciousness determines the health and balance of your body, mind and spirit. 

Your body also has a subtle energy system through which life force energy flows.  This subtle energy system is composed of energy bodies which permeate and surround your physical body, assisting you in processing your thoughts and emotions.  The energy bodies have energy centers called chakras, which work somewhat like transformers that allow life force to circulate through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  The chakras act as a bridge connecting the manifest to the unmanifest.  You also have energy meridians and nadis.  These are like rivers, or streams, which carry your life force energy throughout your physical body.  Your physical body is alive because of consciousness and the life force energy that is flowing through it.  If your life force is low or blocked, you are more likely to get sick; if it is high and free flowing, you more easily maintain strong good health and a feeling of well-being.

So which healing method do you choose?  Each healing modality has a specific frequency.  Each person is unique and carries a specific frequency.

There is no one method which works for everybody Choose a practitioner who knows how to match your energy to the appropriate healing method for you. Choose a practitioner who does her own work and is healthy.  Check the credentials of your practitioner.  There is excellent alternative education available for every viable modality.    And, first and foremost, trust your inner guidance.

I don’t have too many absolutes in my life, but two are crucial to my view of healing.  1)  Everything is energy.  2) All healing is self-healing.  Your body is designed to self-create and self-heal.  You are a perfect Divine Being, God Essence. It is your true nature to express health and well-being.  If there is unhappiness or disease, look for the energy blockages and remove   them.  Although   often overlooked, the removal of  negative energy forma-   

tions is the crucial piece in healing.  Asemotional issues are released, the energy flow of the body is activated and harmonized. This remobilization reflects increased flow of ki (life force energy) which in turn enhances  chakra activity.  This activity enables the body’s own innate healing capacity to function optimally.  It looks and feels miraculous, but remember this:  What may appear to be a miracle is simply unimpeded Divine Order.


“I attended a Nurse’s Club Meeting where Pamela Arwine was a guest speaker on Reiki, which I was considering as a last resort effort to find relief for my 18 year-old son’s chronic undiagnosed neck pain.  I am a nurse and had pursued every traditional medical avenue as well as chiropractic and acupuncture with only minor short-tern relief.  John  agreed to see Pam and experienced both physical and emotional relief from his suffering.  He also seemed to gain insight into his own behavior and reaction to his pain.  Reiki seemed to relieve his pain and he could feel energy being sent to him...During spring break, he saw Pam twice and experienced significant pain relief that week that lasted longer than any treatment he had ever had.  I was very impressed and relieved at the quick and dramatic change in him…”

Emily H, IL



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