Calling Back Your Power and

Reclaiming Your Divine Essence

by Pamela Arwine


You are a divine being created in the likeness of God.  Our sophistication has grown and most no longer anthropomorphize God.  We understand this statement to mean our essential core being has similar attributes.  Could this mean that deep within lies the capacity to heal, create and manifest pure love and bliss?


Think of your life as a grand treasure hunt.  The reward is the discovery of the truth of your being.  Imagine, if you will, the most exquisite diamond, huge, clear, radiantly bright.  This diamond rests in a forest clearing and all who come within its radiance feel blessed.  Now imagine the path leading to the clearing is thick and tangled with old dead brush and debris.  You need do nothing to restore the original brilliance of the diamond.  It is untouched by time.  Your job is to clear the path to the diamond so you too can stand within its radiance. 


Discovering, or remembering if you will, your true essence can bring peace, love, bliss and deep healing beyond your most amazing dreams. 

Energy Bodies

There are seven primary chakras and seven primary energy bodies each with its own purpose and qualities.  Until it is completely cleared, each is driven by the illusion it carries.  There are other bodies beyond these levels; for the purpose of this discussion, let’s stick with the primary elements.


Disharmonious mental patterns actually cause subtle subatomic matter to accumulate in a person’s aura.  Untended, these negative thought forms will be magnetized into the physical body creating subclinical conditions, and eventually, disease.  Drawing  this  energy  away from the body allows it to return to balanced functioning. 


The more you monitor  your thoughts, the more you facilitate the effectiveness of clearing work by not recreating the same conditions by continuously recreating the same thought patterns.  By letting go of old reactions and thought patterns, you can live a healthier, happier, more productive life in the present moment.  Deny their entrance into your mind.  It is remaining conscious that will keep your mental body clear.


Don’t use your wonderful mind to justify your negative thoughts; use it to create a more happy and healthy life for yourself.  Once the conscious choice or desire for change has been made, there will be a ripple effect throughout your entire body.  It may not always be easy; it may not always be immediate; but you will find your brain,  body and the Universe conspiring to support your choice.


Two qualities should be developed.  First, unshakable perseverance and fortitude; perseverance explains why the non-spectacular man or woman often attains initiation before the genius. 




Secondly, allow yourself to progress without undue self-analysis.  Do not pull yourself up by the roots to check your growth.  You can be your own worst critic, focusing on what is wrong with yourself rather than right.  Change those critical thoughts that and learn to love yourself.  You transcend your past and learn to love and accept yourself just the way you are.  In other words, you shift the criticism of the past into an accepting loving present.  Empowered with your healing gifts and the ways of wielding light which you can master,  coupled with perseverance and compassion, you can claim your divine birthright, your right to unconditional love and a high consciousness.


Every thought that comes from your subconscious mind or from other people should be examined to determine if it is of God or not of God; determine if it  is  truth  or  illusion.


If it is positive and of God,  allow it.

Reclaim Your Energy

Calling back your power is a very simple matter of intention and verbalization.  Remember it is your energy…and your energy must follow your intention when you bring it into your awareness. 


When reclaiming your power, always call it into the field of light above you before bringing it into the body.  It needs to be purified before you absorb it.  You will also bring it into present time before integrating it into your physical body by stating “here and now.”  Repeat 3x.   Make your statements out loud in an authoritative voice. 


You might repeat: “into the golden sun I call back all of my energy, power and split-off soul fragments, lost, stolen or given away throughout my history.”  ... Wait a few minutes for the purification to happen…shift the energy into present time by repeating:  “Here and now…here and now…here and now…” 


Opening your crown chakra and the bottom of the golden sun, use your mind  to draw the energies into your body.  Feel these energies coming in on rays of golden light.   Open yourself to receive these energies… and allow them to be re-integrated with you on a very deep level


Ask for Divine Assistance in calling back  all your soul fragments, power and energy which have been lost stolen or given away throughout your history, throughout all lifetimes and all dimensions.  Take responsibility for this energy; Become ready to manifest your truest potential. 


Feel the intensity of your true power.  Feel the waves of warm gold flow through you restoring your original power, energy and wholeness. 


Feel your divine nature manifest itself as God Awakened.



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