Clearing the Brain and the Mind

Part Two:  Making Connections
By Pamela Arwine

Please be aware, as you move through brain illumination and clearing of the brain and the mind, to address the various aspects to which we are connected.  All the areas of the brain may be clear andfunctioning well.  However, if the different structures and systems are not in harmony, not communicating well with each other, challenges may arise.  By clearing the communication channels, and illuminating the brain, we allow our neural patterning and dendrite connections to change their habitual wiring.

The corpus callosum is the white connective tissue for both hemispheres of the brain.  If it is stagnant, poor communication between the creative and logical hemispheres of the brain will occur.  Work with the corpus callosum to bring merger between the two sides of the brain.  Integration of the various structures of the brain helps us to move into Oneness Consciousness.

Let us be aware of the presence of pure Spirit moving in and through us at all times.  It is through this spirit that we claim the power to clear our bodies, energy systems and cells.  It is through this spirit that we claim the power to clear the brain of all programming interrupting the neural nets which may be causing havoc in the linear realm.  It is through this spirit that we become witness to our thoughts, shifting and stilling the thoughts that no longer serve our needs and desires.  It is through this spirit that we move into awareness.  It is then that we realize that we are this spirit.

The key is awareness coupled with a proactive stance.  It may be extremely useful to take the position of the witness.  As we watch our thoughts we observe the emotions that arise as a result of those thoughts.  We know that we are not those thoughts.  Allow the consciousness that created us, that created that mind, to restore its conscious intent.  There must be a conscious decision to change the thoughts; then all levels of the mind must be cleared to accommodate the new decisions.  All structures  of the brain must be clear

be cleared so the pre-conditioned patterning is interrupted.  Invite and allow the mind to become still again.  Invite and allow the consciousness that operates the mind to move you into a state of clear awareness.  We move to the space where we are in awareness of what really is true, our mind thinks only the thoughts which we choose to think.  This brings us into a state of freedom and bliss.

Specifically request your soul, the highest levels of your soul, to permeate you…body, cells, brain, chakras, energy bodies, mind, heart, everything…and fill you with feelings of trust, love and safety.  Ask your soul to flow like a mountain stream through all the spaces of your brain, to clear all connectors, fill all the fluids, clarify all neural pathways, clarify all synapses, surround the brain with violet light to purify all messages and thoughts sent into the world and into the body.  Invite and allow the soul to surround it with gold to empower all messages and thoughts transmitting into the world and into the body to bring about your conscious desire. Bring your soul into your brain stem and invite and allow it to flow down through your spine and throughout your entire central nervous system. Invite your God Presence to recreate itself in absolute perfection within all the structures of your brain, all the levels of the mind, bringing the brain and mind into peaceful congruence with the higher aspects of the being.  By bringing harmony and love into all of the brain centers and cells as well as circulating more light throughout the brain, the synapses and all the spaces between the brain cells, the brain will more effectively open to its radiant potential for pure Cosmic Awareness, Bliss, Oneness.



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