There are two absolutes crucial to learning to maintain good health. 1) Everything is energy. 2) All healing is self-healing. Your physical body is designed to self-create and self-heal. Miraculous healing is not magic.  It is simply unimpeded Divine Order. The Universe is endless  enormous energy, limitless force, God. It is an ethereal power, a wavelength of great healing potential, which can be drawn upon to restore and revitalize your body. It is always available to you. The processes in these CDs are designed to focus your intention, attuning your frequencies to specific aspects of this universal energy, allowing healing to emerge.


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Sound Bytes

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Sacred Essence

Learn to Tap Into the God ForceEssence
for Profound Healing!

4 CD Set by Pamela Arwine ~ $59
Instantly Download Individual CDs ~ $14

CD1:  Clearing the Physical Body:  The Sacred Essence of the God Force is a platinum white flame with gold infusions blazing through the world of illusion, bringing you closer to your truth. Clear your physical body as you learn to use this energy to dissolve and release the fears and egoic constructs which may have been preventing you from manifesting the fullness of your soul in health and joy. 61 min.

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CD2:  Clearing the Emotional Body:The God Force Essence will deconstruct the energy patterns, thought forms, belief systems and karma which may have been keeping you stuck in depression, lack, pain and suffering, bringing you into the perfection you have the right to command. Dissolve and release the messages and imprints received throughout the ages which have kept you from experiencing only the highest and best life has to offer. 69 min.

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CD3:  Clearing the Mental Body:  Open yourself to a deep healing of your mental body. You will consciously participate in your own healing process to achieve complete mental healing through identifying and clearing the thoughts, pictures and memory traces of the mental body which includes all levels of the mind as well as the collective unconscious and the global thoughtform. 56 min.

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CD4:  Clearing the Causal Body and Outside InfluencesAddress patterns which may have kept you stuck for lifetimes. Pamela will take you through the passages of time to clear your causal body, karmic patterns and multiple outside influences that may have been generated by yourself or others eons ago. 58 min.

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Mystic Healing Journey

In Mystic Healing Journey you are gently guided through a complete hands-on healing treatment taking you into your sacred heart. Learn about the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual processes at each juncture. Perfect for the Reiki practitioner who wants to learn more.  66 min.  $17.95


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Christ Masters Healing

2 meditations on one CD. "Christ Masters Healing" (44 min) will empower you to open to profound levels of healing as these loving masters attend to your deepest healing needs. In "Journey to the Christ Masters" (21 min) you will deeply surrender into the golden portal to the fifth dimension where you will walk and talk among the Christ Masters.  $17.95


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Quantum Healing Energetics

Gifts of Your Soul
4 Deeply Powerful

Manifestation Processes

2 CDs by Pamela Arwine~$29
Instantly Download Individual CDs~ $14

CD1:  You Deserve the Best:  In the first meditation, "Manifestation Pre-Process" (15 min) you are led through discovering and cleansing yourself of the conflicting patterns, core beliefs, fixed opinions and expectations which would block you from actually achieving your goals.  The second, "You Deserve the Best" (33 min) is a thorough visualization technology which will assist you in two major ways. You will clarify exactly what you want and go for it with conscious intent. And, you will not only visualize your goal, you will ground it, feel it, experience it, and be grateful for it. In other words, you will make it real.

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CD2: Gifts of Your Soul:  Are you willing to surrender all resistance to manifesting your truest desire? Surrender is the key!  "Surrender to Your Soul" (42 min) invites the highest aspects of your soul to release all resistance to receiving what you want freeing you to experience your creative force. What may feel quite daunting to your little 3-dimensional vehicle, may be a simple task for your multi-dimensional soul.  "Gifts of Your Soul" (35 min) invites the powerful creative force of your soul to travel the cosmos creating what you most desire. This is then brought back to you for acceptance, integration and gratitude.

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"In 'Gifts of Your Soul'...she creates beautiful spaces supported by an easy, gently guided process...A gift coming from her Soul made available to all."

Forrest Green, Energy Healer Psychologist, Soul Source Energetics, Ashville, NC

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